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No New Posts Basic Information

This will provide the basics of what is expected on this site, and should be read before anything else to ensure you know how the site works.

5 5 Aging System
by theatricals
Feb 8, 2019 12:07:18 GMT -6
No New Posts Updates & News

A board solely dedicated to keeping all members updated with the latest updates as well as Clan news. Activity checks are also posted on the 1st of every month.

Sub-board: Activity Checks

8 71 September 2019 Activity Check
by theatricals
Sept 9, 2019 15:27:17 GMT -6
No New Posts Help & Suggestions

Is there something you are confused about, or have something you think might add to the site? This is the place to post any ideas or questions you may have.

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No New Posts Warriors Guidebook

This is a basic guide to Warriors, including things like herbs, ceremonies, etc.

5 5 Terms & Meanings
by theatricals
Jan 25, 2019 15:21:11 GMT -6


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No New Posts Character Creation

This is where you will add your character. It includes the application itself as well as specific rules regarding character creation, such as names and restrictions.

4 4 Mallowheart - Warrior - AspenClan (EXAMPLE)
by theatricals
Feb 2, 2019 21:10:24 GMT -6
No New Posts Accepted Characters

Characters that have been reviewed by the staff and accepted, meaning they are allowed to be played on the site.

Sub-boards: AspenClan, WillowClan, RavenClan, Outsiders, Inactive, Deceased

213 425 Beetlekit - Kit - AspenClan
by Warrioress
Jul 24, 2019 20:03:29 GMT -6
No New Posts Adoption Center

This is where people may go to donate or adopt characters, or advertise kit adoptions when their characters start a family.

Sub-board: Complete Adoptions

1 1 Adoption Guide
by theatricals
Feb 5, 2019 11:38:30 GMT -6
No New Posts Tracking

This is where members may create a thread so that they may track their current/former characters and list of threads. Please limit to one per member.

9 96 Era's Tracking
by Warrioress
Aug 16, 2019 15:47:17 GMT -6
No New Posts Plotting

If you are looking to plot with other members, or even want to find a mate, this is the place to do it. Members may also suggest larger plots which can be looked over by a staff member.

4 8 WillowClan Rebellion and Civil War
by niftyshark
Aug 5, 2019 11:54:57 GMT -6


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No New Posts Litter Creation

This is your first stop if you are hoping to have a litter of kits, where you will receive litter information based on the parents.

Sub-board: Rolled Litters

5 9 Violet x Alden
by theatricals
Jul 18, 2019 20:45:30 GMT -6
No New Posts Litter Adoptions

After getting the information to adopt out a litter of kits, this is where you may post a thread to have them officially adopted.

Sub-board: Complete Adoptions

4 10 Violet x Alden Litter Adoptions
by darkwolf45
Aug 23, 2019 22:26:26 GMT -6


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No New Posts AspenClan

AspenClan are the loyal and courageous. Their clanmates are their top priority and they will not easily forgive if one of them is hurt. Despite being true to the warrior code, they are never afraid to question it. They are long and sleek, giving them at advantage at tree-climbing, as well as sturdy. For this, they are good at strategizing and have exceptional skills in battle, which lessens the chance of a rival Clan beating them. AspenClan lives in a dense forest with oak, pine, and aspen trees scattered across the landscape.

Sub-boards: AspenClan Information, AspenClan Roleplay

38 408 Partners in crime ~ Ginger
by gingerluna
Jan 2, 2020 21:17:25 GMT -6
No New Posts WillowClan

WillowClan cats are the clever and thoughtful. They ponder decisions and decide on an option that best helps their Clan with patience. In battle, stealth is their main strength and they excel at plotting ambushes and using clever tricks to deceive and outwit their enemy. They speak with respect and hold themselves with confidence, something that they are seemingly born with. WillowClan lives in an area with willow trees, wetlands, and several small rivers. They are the only Clan which likes water, or even tolerates it.

Sub-boards: WillowClan Information, WillowClan Roleplay

44 606 'Til it happens to you, you don't know how it feels ~ nifty
by niftyshark
Jan 4, 2020 18:24:25 GMT -6
No New Posts RavenClan

RavenClan are the proud and determined. They are swift, well-built cats with long, strong limbs that give them both speed and strength in battle. They hold themselves in high-regard and tend to show off to the other Clans. They take what is theirs and don't like it when anyone tells them otherwise. Their warriors are taught to outwit their opponents and try to get the better of them; though their own cockiness sometimes comes back to harm them. RavenClan lives in a hilly area with pine trees scattered around their territory.

Sub-boards: RavenClan Information, RavenClan Roleplay

43 608 tell everybody I'm on my way (mia)
by Warrioress
Oct 16, 2019 20:39:13 GMT -6
No New Posts Outsiders

Outsiders are the versatile and unpredictable, and are those who do not reside within a formal "Clan." Outsiders cannot truly be divided into categories, as one might be very different from the other. Some outsiders prefer to travel alone, while others live in small or large groups. They do not have the same physical advantages or disadvantages as some Clan cats, so they have different strengths and weaknesses depending on the cat. Outsiders live in various places and can live virtually anywhere they choose.

Sub-boards: Outsiders Information, Outsiders Roleplay

14 211 mesmerized by you • ginger
by gingerluna
Jan 1, 2020 15:03:21 GMT -6


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No New Posts Borders

The borders between the Clans and mountain groups as well as a full map of the area surrounding it. This is where you may roleplay for any interactions between borders.

8 168 far out and worlds apart — tric
by niftyshark
Jan 4, 2020 21:48:39 GMT -6
No New Posts High Cliff

High Cliff is the peak of a large mountainside that is located on the edge of RavenClan's territory. It is sturdy and has a great view, as well having a space large enough for many, giving the Clans a perfect place to gather every moon to announce the recent news in their respective Clans.

2 55 stars can’t shine without {darkness} :: July Gathering
by Warrioress
Sept 23, 2019 16:14:04 GMT -6
No New Posts Frozenpool

The Frozenpool is a special, secluded place where medicine cats meet every half-moon, north of WillowClan territory. Found at the end of a route of tunnels is a large cave, revealing a shimmering pool from a small waterfall. The pool appears cold and untouched, frozen in this hidden place.

2 42 A new beginning, A new start [Echofrost's nine lives]
by Warrioress
Jul 24, 2019 20:12:34 GMT -6
No New Posts Afterlife

This is for record-keeping after characters are killed off or pass away. This board is NOT for roleplaying.

2 2 Dark Forest
by theatricals
Feb 8, 2019 19:35:05 GMT -6


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No New Posts Chatting

Any and all off-topic conversation unrelated to the site itself may go here.

Sub-boards: Thread Games, Absences

7 103 Thread Games: A Warrior's Life
by niftyshark
Aug 18, 2019 22:27:56 GMT -6
No New Posts Personal

This allows for members to post any threads unrelated to characters or roleplay on the site. This may include to-do lists, ideas, what have you. This is not to be confused with the character tracker.

11 73 I'm still standing better than I ever did (nifty)
by niftyshark
Sept 14, 2019 12:39:11 GMT -6
No New Posts Creativity

Have some art you would like to share? Are you a writer hoping to post your story? This is the place to do it.

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No New Posts Advertisements

This is where you may advertise other roleplay sites. It does not have to be based on Proboards, or even a Warriors RP. You are only allowed to post one advertisement per site.

Sub-boards: First Link, Link Backs

40 56 Hearts Aligned: An Omniverse KH Rp | GRAND OPEN [FL | PB]
by Espeon
Mar 3, 2020 2:58:58 GMT -6


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